Your Top 5 Questions Answered

Here are the top 5 questions I get asked by business owners who haven’t used Telephone Answering Services before…

The key point I always make clear, is that every customer starts with a 14 day FREE trial of the service. The trial is by far the best way for you to fully understand how our service will support and improve your business.

In addition to my top 5 questions below, you can also read a more detailed list of FAQ’s here:

FAQ 1: How will you know the calls for my company?

When we set up your account we allocate a dedicated phone number to your company, this is known as DDI in ‘techy’ terms!

All you need to do is simply divert your phone lines to your new DDI number and our state-of-the-art phone system will then recognise when a call is for your company. 

When you receive a call to your usual business number, the caller will be seamlessly diverted to our receptionists, who will then answer all calls in your company name, just as if they were working directly from your office. This is how we make sure that you’ll never miss a call.

FAQ 2: How do I divert my calls to you? Will I need a new number?

Diverting your calls is simple to do. You don’t need any new technology and we can easily talk you through how to complete this step if you’ve never done this before.

You don’t need to change your number. Your callers will continue to dial the number they have always used, and this number will be diverted to our reception team.

You’re in complete control of the divert. You can choose to divert all calls or overflow calls (when engaged or don’t answer) and you can switch the divert on and off when you need the support.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a business number yet. We can easily provide you with a new number if required.

FAQ 3: How do you charge for your services? What calls will I get charged for?

For the vast majority of our customers, we charge per call NOT per minute. This is really important to understand as per minute charging can be difficult to predict and control the costs.

We do have some per minute charging for customers where we complete more complex tasks such as taking payments, managing bookings etc.

Every time we answer a call for your company, our receptionists will log the call on our telephone answering system (you have access to this log through our client portal).

We only charge for genuine calls for your business. Any wrong numbers, cold calls, hang up calls are filtered out free of charge.

The amount you pay per calls depends on a few factors, the main one being the volume of calls that we take for you.

As all customers start with a 14 day, FREE, no obligation trial, we use the information from the trial to recommend the most suitable plan to meet your requirements.

You’ll have the option of a Pay-As-you-Go or monthly invoiced account.

For detailed information on our price plans you can easily request our full information pack from our website.

FAQ 4: How will you know enough about my company to handle my calls?

As part of your set up process we’ll capture key information about your company. We’ll store information such as directions to your offices, postal address, website, key personnel and contact numbers. You can also provide us with any further information we’ll require.

Every time we receive a call for your company your account information will automatically be displayed to the receptionist who answers your call, so they can swiftly handle the enquiry.

Remember, callers don’t expect receptionists to know everything about your business. If we’re asked a question we don’t know the answer to, we’ll tell the caller that we’ll pass on their query and that someone will call them back.

Our telephone answering service will ensure that you receive the contact details of every caller. This is especially important for new leads/enquiries as this allows you to easily follow up and convert more customers.

In addition to this, you’ll also have the option to have important calls transferred directly to you so you can immediately speak to the caller yourself. This is a great way to prioritise your calls.

FAQ 5: How will I receive my messages?

Every time we answer a call your messages are relayed to you immediately in the most convenient way for you.

You can choose to receive your messages by:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • By logging onto your account on our secure client portal website
  • Calls being patched (transferred) directly to you
  • A combination of above

You can update how you receive your messages daily (with no charges). For example, if you know you’re in an all day meeting and can’t be disturbed, then you may choose to have all messages sent by email for you to pick up at the end of the day. The next day you may be out and about between a few appointments and would prefer to receive messages by SMS so you can return calls throughout the day or have new enquiries transferred through to your mobile.

The choice is yours and can be changed to suit your day. This also helps our receptionists to manage your callers expectations as to when they’ll receive a call back or response to their enquiry.

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