Discover How A Telephone Answering Service Is A Cost Effective Support Solution For Tradesmen

Telephone Answering Services work perfectly for trade and home services businesses and here’s why…

If you’re a plumber, electrician, builder, landscape gardener or any other type of trade, whether it’s domestic or commercial, or you’re a one-man-band or employ a team, then spending your time out of the office and not tied to a desk is essential. Afterall, visiting customer premises to quote and complete work is how you earn money.

The downside to being out and about all the time is it makes it difficult to juggle answering calls and keeping on top of admin tasks such as preparing quotes, chasing up payments etc. And if you miss a call, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be missing new business opportunities too.

A professional telephone answering and virtual reception service is a cost effective way for you to easily smarten up your front-end customer service, give you more time with less interruptions and stop worrying about trying to answer calls when you’re driving or with customers.

Here’s just a few benefits for you to consider:

Never Miss A Call: You can seamlessly divert your calls to your virtual receptionist ensuring that you don’t miss out on opportunities simply because you missed the call.

Less Interruptions: Cuts out the need for you to juggle calls whilst you’re with customers, driving, or completing tasks. Helps you to prioritise calls and messages.

Improves Company Image: With all calls answered professionally, with your company name, you’ll give a great, reliable company, first impression to all callers.

Easily Capture Contact Details: Full and accurate contact details will be captured from every caller. No need to worry about writing down names and messages. All information can be sent you by email/text and stored securely in your online account, making follow up much easier.

Take Messages or Transfer Callers To You: Your virtual receptionist can take messages, answer customer queries or transfer callers directly to your phone wherever you are in the world.

Saves Money/ Not A Drain On Resources: By outsourcing your telephone answering work you’ll benefit from another pair of hands to help, without the cost and hassle involved in employing a receptionist yourself. A virtual receptionist is there when you need them and not a drain on resources when you don’t.

No Need For Office Space: You can build a support team without the costs associated with office space or extra equipment such as PC’s desks etc.

Supports Admin Tasks: A virtual receptionist can also support you to keep on top of some admin tasks such as chasing up payments, sending invoices, preparing quotes, and responding to emails.

If you’d like to discover how a professional telephone answering could support your business, then you can start with a 14 day FREE trial.

Your free 14 day, no obligation, trial is quick and easy to set up and there’s no techy know-how required. Simply call me on 01928 508800 or follow the link below to discover more and order our free information pack.

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