The Telephone Is Still King – Whether You Like It Or Not!

I read an interesting article in The Daily Telegraph last month (well interesting for the owner of a company that specialises in Telephone Answering Services), about how the telephone is still the preferred method of communication for consumers wishing to communicate with a company.

I’ve noticed in recent years that many businesses, especially online companies, actively discourage telephone calls or any direct way to chat with the company, instead encouraging the use of email, chat bots or social media to get in touch.

The number one reason for this I suspect is that it’s easier and more convenient for the company. Managing telephone calls, or live chat is unpredictable and disruptive to getting on with work.

But what’s more convenient for the company, isn’t more convenient for the customers, with 65% of consumers preferring to be able to contact and chat with a real person.

Pushing your would-be callers to use email or social media to contact you, will also mean that you’ll be missing out on enquiries to companies that do offer calls/live chat as a communication option.

At Your Office & PA our customers tell us that one of the key reasons they start to use our telephone answering services isn’t always the fear of missing calls, but to solve the issue of being constantly interrupted and distracted from getting on with their work by telephone calls.

They understand that taking calls is important, but just can’t manage it effectively themselves.

If you’d like to find out how your company can improve the way you communicate with customers and new enquiries, by offering a telephone option where calls are answered swiftly, in your company name, by a friendly and professional receptionist, then get in touch.

You can call me on 01928 508800 or visit our website to find out about our 14 day FREE trial.

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