Telephone Answering Services – Here’s What You Need To Know About The Cost

If you’re considering how a telephone answering service can support your business, then you’ve probably got a few questions around the costs.

You may have already discovered that comparing costs between different providers can be a minefield, as there are so many different options, packages and way of charging. For example, some charge per minute when others charge per call. Some make additional charges to have messages sent to multiple email addresses, some don’t.

Most companies will offer you a free trial of their service, which truly is the best way to accurately understand the costs for your business and of course the value of money. Cheapest isn’t always the best value!

Here are a few of the most common questions I get asked:

  • Can I pay per call?

Most services should offer you the option to pay per call with an account such as a Pay-As-you-Go

  • Do you charge per minute or per call?

This is an important question to ask when comparing prices. £1 a minute is a very different cost to £1 a call. Per minute charges can be unpredictable and make it difficult to control your costs.

  • Do I pay for unwanted calls?

Unwanted “cold” calls can be a time-consuming nuisance for many businesses. You should always check whether you’ll be charged for these. A good telephone answering company will filter the majority of these free of charge- again helping you to control costs.

  • How long is the contract?

Contract lengths can vary greatly. You should look for a service with short contracts lengths (such as a rolling 30 day, or no contract options) to show that they rely on good service, not contracts to retain your business.

  • How will a telephone answering service save me money?

I get asked this a lot. But the better question is “how will a telephone answering service help me make money?”

Firstly, this service is hands-down, more cost effective and more flexible than hiring an extra employee. You can use your telephone service to answer all calls, or just to cover when you need the support.

You also won’t need to worry about missing a new sales enquiry call, which could then hand the potential new business to your competitor. Every call will be answered swiftly and professionally with full accurate contact details captured so you can easily follow up new leads. This is proven to improve your sales conversion.

In fact, when it comes to how cost-effective outsourcing your call answering and reception work is, I could write a whole new blog.

So, if you want to find out more then I have put together an information pack titled “How You Could Save Money & Win More Business With A Professional Telephone Answering Service”

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