How Telephone Answering Services Can Support Your Business To Successfully Work Remotely

Improvements in technology over the last few years mean that it’s now easier than ever to successfully work remotely with no requirement to be in the office.

In fact, partly encouraged by the new enthusiasm for working from home brought on by the pandemic, many companies are now looking at whether they can permanently down-size or get rid of their office space. The cost savings are significant.

Whether you’re a one-man band, a small team all working from home, or a larger company with colleagues working all over the UK, a telephone answering service can help you seamlessly manage your customer calls without having to juggle to landlines or mobiles.

A professional virtual receptionist can provide you with one central place where all calls are answered. They can then transfer callers, take messages, and answer questions, just as if they were a receptionist based in an office with you.

The advantages of working remotely and outsourcing your reception service are huge:

  • Save money – there’s no requirement for rent, rates, extra utility bills, furniture etc.
  • Maintain a professional image – all calls answered swiftly, in your company name which promotes a reputable, larger company image
  • Free from interruptions – allows you to get on with work without being interrupted and help you to prioritise which calls to return if required
  • Never miss a call – if you’re away from your desk, out visiting clients, driving, or on holiday, all your calls will be answered

You can read more information on the benefits of Telephone Answering service here

Setting up a telephone answering service is simple to do. You don’t need any specialist technology or software and you can start with a FREE trial to test the service and discover the benefits for yourself.

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