Time Off At Christmas

How Would You Like To Take Some Uninterrupted, Guilt Free Time Off This Christmas? Christmas shopping, carol services, nativity plays, lunch with friends, a lie in after a night out… Your Office & PA can help you take some time off without the interruption of the phone and without worrying about who’s answering your calls. … Read more

The Telephone Is Still King – Whether You Like It Or Not!

I read an interesting article in The Daily Telegraph last month (well interesting for the owner of a company that specialises in Telephone Answering Services), about how the telephone is still the preferred method of communication for consumers wishing to communicate with a company. I’ve noticed in recent years that many businesses, especially online companies, … Read more

Are You Struggling With Recruitment?

Who would have thought it! After one of the biggest economic down turns in history, with many employees furloughed and worrying about job security, then fast forward 12 months and it’s an employee’s market out there. In the UK job vacancies reached a 10 year high with more than 1.1 million advertised vacancies. No wonder … Read more

Your Top 5 Questions Answered

Here are the top 5 questions I get asked by business owners who haven’t used Telephone Answering Services before… The key point I always make clear, is that every customer starts with a 14 day FREE trial of the service. The trial is by far the best way for you to fully understand how our … Read more

Homeworking Vs Office Working

Which is best? Homeworking or Office Working? It’s a question many business owners will be asking themselves… As COVID-19 restrictions are eased, and the “work from home if you can” rule is removed from Government guidance, I’ve started to reflect on how homeworking has changed the business over the last 18 months and consider whether … Read more

Spend more time working ON your business


Does anyone else feel like they spend more time working IN their business – doing the admin, answering emails & phone calls, trying to do the marketing – when what they really want to do is work ON the business so they continually grow? Which of your #experts do you regularly go to for advice, … Read more