Employed Receptionist or Telephone Answering Service – Which Is Right For You?

I’m often asked what the benefits are of using an outsourced telephone answering service compared to the more traditional alternative ways to manage your inbound calls. Such as answering all the calls yourself, using voicemail to pick up missed calls, employing a receptionist or juggling calls between existing employees. My first response to this question … Read more

Telephone Answering Services – Here’s What You Need To Know About The Cost

If you’re considering how a telephone answering service can support your business, then you’ve probably got a few questions around the costs. You may have already discovered that comparing costs between different providers can be a minefield, as there are so many different options, packages and way of charging. For example, some charge per minute … Read more

How Telephone Answering Services Can Support Your Business To Successfully Work Remotely

Improvements in technology over the last few years mean that it’s now easier than ever to successfully work remotely with no requirement to be in the office. In fact, partly encouraged by the new enthusiasm for working from home brought on by the pandemic, many companies are now looking at whether they can permanently down-size … Read more

Discover How A Telephone Answering Service Is A Cost Effective Support Solution For Tradesmen

Telephone Answering Services work perfectly for trade and home services businesses and here’s why… If you’re a plumber, electrician, builder, landscape gardener or any other type of trade, whether it’s domestic or commercial, or you’re a one-man-band or employ a team, then spending your time out of the office and not tied to a desk … Read more

What Does A Virtual Office Receptionist Do?

They’re an extra pair of hands – but without the cost! If you’re looking for support with receptionist duties such as answering calls, booking appointments, and taking orders, then using a Virtual Receptionist could be just the solution you’re looking for. A Virtual Receptionist is always a more cost-effective option than directly employing a receptionist … Read more

Here’s Why Beauty Salons Should Use A Telephone Answering Service

If you run a beauty salon, the chances are that you’re trying your best to juggle calls between appointments which is causing missed calls, voicemails being left, and interruptions during your appointments when the phone rings. An unanswered phone that keeps ringing will lead to missed opportunities, as well as distracting you from focusing on … Read more