Are You Struggling With Recruitment?

Who would have thought it!

After one of the biggest economic down turns in history, with many employees furloughed and worrying about job security, then fast forward 12 months and it’s an employee’s market out there.

In the UK job vacancies reached a 10 year high with more than 1.1 million advertised vacancies. No wonder that at Your Office & PA we’re finding it more difficult than usual to recruit.

Like many businesses, we’re on the hunt for staff. A combination of high absence levels caused by covid, isolation, waiting for test results, childcare issues etc, coupled with a change in our call volumes due to most other businesses having the same issues and therefore sending more of their work our way, has led to a daily need to juggle and readjust our staff levels at short notice.

We’ve had to put more effort into recruitment by asking for referrals, using social media as well as the traditional job advertising. And we’re just about getting there.

Anyone who has managed a team I’m sure will tell you that the most difficult thing about most jobs isn’t the job, it’s managing the people. For many businesses employing people is not only costly but creates hassle that they just don’t have the time to deal with.

At Your Office & PA we’re supporting our customers by taking away some of this hassle. We’re working as their virtual receptionist, managing calls, rearranging appointments, processing orders and generally helping the rest of the team to get on with their work without the interruption of the phone, safe in the knowledge that they won’t miss any calls.

We also offer Pay-As-You options, perfect for any last minute, short term help you many need to cover staff absences.

If you’d like to have a chat about how we could help your business, then get in touch on 01928 508800 or take a look at our services page to find out how you can set up a 14 day FREE trial of our telephone answering services.

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